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Study Room Policy

The Kewanee Public Library District has meeting rooms whose primary purpose is in support of library functions, meetings and programs.

The Quiet Study Room is located across from the circulation desk on the main floor.  It will hold a maximum of 4 people at one time.  It may be reserved for 2 hours.  After 2 hours, patrons much check at the circulation desk to see if anyone else is signed up for or waiting to use the room.  If no one else is requesting the study room, patrons may continue to use the room in 1 hour increments, checking at the circulation desk each hour for continued availability.

Patrons should sign in and out of the Quiet Study Room at the circulation desk.

Patrons may call to reserve the Quiet Study Room.

No loud noise or inappropriate behavior is allowed in the Quiet Study Room.

If these rules are not followed, the library reserves the right to ask people to vacate the Quiet Study Room at any time.

Repeated violations of these rules may result in forfeiture of future Quiet Study Room privilege.

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