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Placing a hold on an item

To place holds in RSA Cat, login to the catalog (upper right corner of the catalog) using your library barcode and PIN (password).
After you login, your name will replace the login boxes.
You can place holds without logging in but you will be asked to supply login information for each item.

To Place a Hold:

  1. Search for the material you are interested in.  The search results page will appear.
  2. Click on a blue Details button or the item title to display more information about the item you selected.
  3. On the Item Details screen, click on the “Place Hold” link.
  4. On the Place Hold screen, you can:
  • Change your Pickup library.
  • Set an expiration date after which you no longer want to receive the hold.
  • Set a suspension start and end date if you will be out of town and do not want your hold filled during a certain period.
  • Click on the “Place Hold” button to complete your hold.
  • You will see a message if your hold is successfully placed or a notification if the hold is not allowed.  Not all items are eligible for holds.

For further information, you can read our HOLDS brochure.

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