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Carnegie Building

Historic 1906 Carnegie Library Building

The citizens of Kewanee , Illinois established their first library in 1875. The initial site for the Library was in the newly built town hall. Later, in 1880 it was moved to the Odd Fellows Building .

In 1901 Andrew Carnegie promised $20,000 to the city of Kewanee for a library building. A condition of the grant was that the citizens agree to purchase a site and support the maintenance of the library with income.

Architects, Patton & Miller were hired to construct the building. A cornerstone was laid in 1906.

The current library was open for business in 1908.

To see the history of the Kewanee Public Library in Chronological order click here.

This photograph (left), taken in 2006, shows the Kewanee Public Library as it is today; a popular spot for all ages.




In March of 1908, the library was opened to the public. This is an interior photograph of the main floor.





The Arts & Crafts stained glass window (left) is named “The Tree of Knowledge.”

It is located over the main entry to the Kewanee Public Library and was restored in 2006.



This photograph (right) shows the Pierce Art Collection which was donated to the Kewanee Public Library in 1908.  Sadly the collection is no longer at the library.

The vaulted ceilings on the main floor (below)
were refurbished in 2001.

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